James Jordan, What Christianity is, and is not.

James Jordan from Fatherheart Ministries teaching on the Fatherheart of God.


7 thoughts on “James Jordan, What Christianity is, and is not.

  1. Amen and amen! So true. Too much of Christianity is eating from the wrong tree and nothing more than a performance treadmill. But the life is at rest in the Father’s embrace. I loved what he said about not listening to preachers but drinking them! That’s classic. And yes, being filled with the love of the Father is what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing these videos. I always knew about his ministry but haven’t heard a lot of James Jordan before. Like Jack Frost, definitely been influenced by Jack Taylor. 🙂 I’m going to have to look into more of His stuff. Blessings.


      1. Hi Violet,

        Yeah, James Jordan has some vital revelation that the wider body of Christ needs to hear. I would highly recommend his ministry to you, and that of hi wife, Denise.

        Grace and Peace to you,


    1. Hi Mel

      been off the grid for 6 days – away fishing.

      I would highly recommend James Jordan. Yea, he sat under Jack Winter, who had an encounter with Jack Frost.

      I would also highly recommend a guy called Peter Jackson – who also sat under Jack Winter’s ministry for a long time.

      Both these guys have an incredible revelation of the Father. James Jordan is especially good on sonship, and indeed it was James who helped Jack Frost with this particular revelation. I think Jack Frost credits James with that in his second book.

      Peter Jackson is also good on sonship, dealing with shame and heart issues.

      Seriously, these guys are two of the best preachers on the planet in my view – simply because, the more you know the Father, the better your preaching as a by product – I figure. I would HIGHLY recommend them to you.



      Also, James Jordan’s wife – Denise Jordan – has an excellent revelation on the mother heart of God the Father and the ‘war against the feminine.’ If you’ve not heard this, again, I would highly highly recommend it.

      These guys both came through my chirch about 12 years ago for several years – and tbh, the revelation that they carry has changed my life. The revelation of the Father is the book shelf on which every other revelation sits.


        1. Eddie Piorek also spoke at that same Radical heart conference. You can get the clips on you tube, or I’ll try and post them. Well worth a listen. I heard Ed Piorek in Canada once (at a conference with Jack Frost and James Jordan), and was struck by his absolute brutal honesty about his heart. Have you read the Central Event btw?
          Blessings, J.


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