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January 27

God the Father, by Bob Mumford #2

Part 2 of Bob Mumford talking about God the Father with Roy Fields.  This video holds incredible revelation.  It is a must watch. Peace Agape Revolution Team.

January 27

God the Father, by Bob Mumford # 1

In this episode Roy Fields talks with Bob Mumford about the things of God. Bob Mumford is widely regarded as one of the foremost Bible teachers of the 21st century. Countless thousands of Christians, all over the planet, attribute their sustained, spiritual growth to Bob’s passionate proclamation of the Kingdom of God. His remarkable journey […]

November 20

Seeing God the Father, by Bob Mumford

God as Father is often misrepresented in the earth – many times by believers! Christ came to share with us Who His Father is and how Father, Son and Spirit are inviting us into the love they have for one another. This is an amazing life-time journey God is taking us on and an invitation […]

November 20

Governed and Ungoverned, by Bob Mumford

In this short clip, Bob Mumford shares that the  journey to become more Christ-like involves the transformation of becoming a giver from a taker. Although the concept is simple to grasp, the death to self required to change from an ungoverned taker to a governed giver can be severe at times as we mature in […]

July 13

Bob Mumford, Secrets of the Fathers

Bob Mumford speaking at the Secrets of the Fathers conference.