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October 12

Heidi and Rolland Baker talk over coffee

Join Nathan Kotzur and Crystalyn Human for the 7th episode of the “Iris After Hours” Podcast. This time the founders of Iris Global, Rolland and Heidi Baker, are talking marriage, family, best friends, mother-in-laws, son-in-laws, demons, obedience, dancing, tennis, chocolate, millionaire parents, huge hearts, patience, laughing, and saying sorry. A truly brilliant interview. “If there’s no […]

October 12

Iris after Hours with Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker in an after hours podcast with her daughter talking about love, revolution, the orphan heart, giving, and the unity of the Body. Blessings Agape.

May 26

Supernatural Sleep, by Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson from Bethel Church teaching on the lifestyle of a son, and entering into supernatural sleep.  Bill explains that slaves fight and war for their inheritance, while sons fight from inheritance. Bill explains that sometimes victory doesn’t come in war, but only in a place of supernatural rest, and physical sleep is huge a […]

May 14

Knowing the Ways of God, Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker shares miraculous stories and lessons from a life that is possessed by Holy Spirit. To learn more about Heidi and Iris Ministries, please visit Enjoy! Agape

May 14

Courage and Patience, Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker uses an amazing story of sinking a boat to illustrate partnering with God in courage and patience. For more information about Heidi and Iris Ministries, please visit: Enjoy AR

September 18

Heidi Baker, Becoming the True sons and daughters of God

Heidi Baker from Iris Ministries teaching at Bethel Church on the family of God, and becoming the true sons and daughters of the Father.  There’s enough room for the whole world in the Father’s house.

August 31

Heidi Baker, Become a Resting Place

Heidi Baker teaching her classic message on Zechariah, and becoming a resting place for the presence of the Lord.

July 28

Carol Arnott, Interview

Carol Arnott from Toronto sharing secrets on the presence of God.

July 28

John and Carol Arnott, Meeting with Pope Francis

On June 24th 2014, John & Carol Arnott went with a small group of leaders to visit Pope Francis in Rome.  They spent about three hours together: a one hour private meeting and a wonderful time of fellowship over lunch to discuss the unity of the Faith.

July 22

Bill Johnson, The Holy Spirit is in You

Bill Johnson from Bethel teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit @ Jesus Culture.  

July 12

Danny Silk, Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Danny Silk from Jesus Culture teaching on Love.  

June 29

Danny Silk, Culture is everything

In our world, nearly everything we say and do is influenced somehow by our culture. Our culture dictates what we think like, what we talk like, and in many ways, what we act like. There is a culture of Texas, a culture of California, a culture of America, etc. But what is the culture of […]