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June 11

The time before time began, Steve McVey

Steve McVey sharing a talk on our inclusion in the community  of Love. He shares that the plan of Father from before time began, was always to have you included in the Trinitarian relationship and circle. This is a great talk. Enjoy! Agape Revolution Team

June 05

Taking it to the Gentiles, by Steve McVey

Both the Apostle Paul & Jesus started out preaching to the religious Jews but they reached a place where they widened the circle. That’s what we have to do when it comes to the church world and here’s why. Enjoy! Agape Revolution Team

June 05

How to reach people outside the Church, Steve McVey

Dr. Steve shares the true Gospel of Grace, and how to take it to the world. Basically, like Paul, if the church leaders won’t here it, take it to the church people. If the church people won’t hear it, shrug your shoulders like Paul and Barnabus and take it to the ordinary people and prepare […]