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August 31

Ian Clayton, Destiny Scroll for Wales and Scotland

Ian Clayton releasing a powerful destiny word over Wales and Scotland in August 2013. With 19 days to go to the Scottish Referendum, this word is particularly significant.  Ian talks about Scotland’s destiny scroll, as a mystical nation of Truth, Meekness, and Righteousness.

August 30

Ian Clayton, A new heaven and a new earth

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on his perspective on the new heaven and the new earth.  Back to the future, Kingdom style.

August 30

Ian Clayton, Kingdom Travel

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on trans-relocation, transportation, and time travel.

August 30

Ian Clayton, How to build a galaxy.

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on the creative power to build galaxies, and the lost teaching in the church to do with the stars.

August 30

Ian Clayton, The Courts of Heaven

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on the Courts of Heaven, and protocols for administration of the Kingdom.

August 30

Ian Clayton, Apostles, Kings, and Principalities

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on the marks of an apostle, submission, position, and son-ship.

August 30

Ian Clayton, Form versus function

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on the difference between Hebraic and Greek thinking, and how to the interpret things of the kingdom.  This will revolutionise the way you read scripture and interpret dreams.

August 30

Ian Clayton, Who are you?

A short clip of Ian Clayton teaching on the revelation of son-ship, and how it relates to kingdom responsibility and administration.

May 21

Tim Hawkins, Worship Styles and Hand Raising

V funny stand-up Comedian, Tim Hawkins, describing worship hand raising styles. Worthwhile searching out some of his other stand-up stuff, as it’s very funny. “Release the doves, give the Lord a high five – push a few out.”

March 29

Larry Randolph, The Overcomers

Larry Randolph teaching on Revelation, the overcomers, the whites stones, and the Urim and Thummim. Love this guy.

March 29

Chuck Pierce & Robert Heidler , The meaning of 2014

Robert Heidler (speaking @ Chuck Pierce’s Glory of Zion Church), explains the Hebraic understanding of the Hebrew Year equivalent to 2014. Starts at about 5 mins after a prophecy from Chuck Pierce.