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September 15

Special Post: Last Day’s Madness?

Greetings Beloved, As we career into the world’s end next week due to a mortal head wound and the Pope opening-up a blood-moon in the Large Hadron Collider, which will cause the zombie apocalypse in the middle-east, the attached is an alternative view of the end times and the ‘left behind’ series – and is […]

July 28

Jonathan Welton, Women in ministry

Jon Welton, one of my favourite up and coming bible teachers and scholars, teaching on the liberation of women in ministry. From a larger teaching, this brief clip debunks the utter rubbish taught in most churches about women having a less than equal role in churches – and indeed church leadership.   A much fuller […]

March 19

Jonathan Welton, Rest: The foundation of revelation

Jonathan Welton shares a message called “Rest: the Foundation of Revelation”.  To read more of Jonathan’s work, read his free book Raptureless at  A must read for a refreshing perspective on eschatology and the end-times.

March 16

Jonathan Welton, A New breed of leader

March 15

Jonathan Welton, The King has come, Daniel 9

Jonathan Welton shares a message called “The King has Come: Daniel 9”.   A fresh interpretation on Daniel 9, and the Daniel 70 week prophecy.  Incredible teaching and revelation, albeit controversial. To hear more from Jonathan, visit http://www.WeltonAcademy.comand read his free e-book Raptureless at

March 09

Jonathan Welton, Beginners guide to the book of Revelation

Jonathan Welton teaching on the book of Revelation.

March 09

Jonathan Welton, Four views of the End Times

Jonathan Welton teaching on the end-times.