July 04

Prophets Arise, by John Eckhardt

Greetings Beloved of God, I came home tonight, and I felt Father tell me to listen to a video from a couple of years back.  It is attached below. I feel that it is a word in season. I’m not a fan of titles at all; but for all you prophetically inclined people out there […]

June 03

The Five Fold Ministry, by John Crowder

And Why You’re Probably Not an Apostle … This week’s session is classic Crowder as he takes the gloves off and fillets the self-importance of charismatic control freaks who love to adopt grandiose titles such as “apostle” and “prophet.” Is the five-fold ministry for today? Absolutely! But when it devolves into a governmental structure of […]

April 29

Protected: The Coming Sons of Love in Scotland, by AR

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

February 11

Trump: Messiah or Anti-Christ?

Crowder is back with the Dirt Squirrel & playing the dancing hand of the oracle. We woke up and the world was full of zealots devouring each other.  This week, John Crowder risks stepping into fifteen cans of worms simultaneously – covering refugees, Muslim bans, immigration, Donald Trump, Alex Jones and progressive Christians … while […]

January 11

Word for 2017, by John Crowder

Return to Proclamation … In this “Word of the Year,” John Crowder offers not mere “future-telling,” of predicted upcoming events.  Rather, he shares a message that is timely for the church, which he feels the Lord is impressing at this hour. There is a pressured assault more than ever to conform the church to a […]

December 31

Communion, Josh Tongol

An awesome post by Josh Tongol out-lining what’s really going on with communion and ‘searching your heart [for sin].’ This clears up the matter completely – and allows you to move forward with confidence in your Father and the finished work of the Cross. I bet it’s not what you think….or have been taught (wrongly.) […]

November 20

Seeing God the Father, by Bob Mumford

God as Father is often misrepresented in the earth – many times by believers! Christ came to share with us Who His Father is and how Father, Son and Spirit are inviting us into the love they have for one another. This is an amazing life-time journey God is taking us on and an invitation […]

November 20

Governed and Ungoverned, by Bob Mumford

In this short clip, Bob Mumford shares that the  journey to become more Christ-like involves the transformation of becoming a giver from a taker. Although the concept is simple to grasp, the death to self required to change from an ungoverned taker to a governed giver can be severe at times as we mature in […]

November 06

Trump and the US election, Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau on the Jim Bakker Show – Trump and America’s Fourth Crucible (Day 2) Even if Trump doesn’t win the election – which I hope he does but slightly think he won’t – I think that he’s done enough to shake up the system, and expose the underlying problems in America. But Trump […]

October 23

Trump: God’s chaos candidate, by Lance Wallnau

As America heads into its key presidential election in the next 2 weeks, Dr. Lance Wallnau leads an important seminar discussing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. The American Church – like the UK church – is by and large sleeping in my perspective. How long will they be like the people of Elijah’s day, who cannot […]

October 22

Sheep in Wolves clothing, by John Crowder

I’ve only got one word to describe this post: “priceless.” As usual , John delivers great insights into the need for people to be themselves when they deliver the word and message of the Lord, and not to be what other people expect them to be. This vlog is for all the mis-understood and wild […]

October 22

Bravery & Authenticity in a Digital World, by Brené Brown

Chase Jarvis welcomes author, scholar, and public speaker Brené Brown to the studio to discuss how failure, heartbreak, or loss can unlock creativity and your biggest successes in life. Brené is probably my most favourite person on the planet right now.  I just love her.  Her insights into relationships are nothing short of amazing and […]