c10004 September 12

He’s gonna turn it all around, Misty Edwards.

“He’s gonna turn it all around, just wait and see.” “He’s gonna make everything beautiful, just in time.” “Just hold on” “We have need of endurance” “No one who waits on the Lord, will be ashamed.” “I AM not a God far off or dis-interested in you, I KNOW you.” “Do you think I am […]

cc10001 September 12

All men are broken, Misty Edwards

“All men are broken.” “And broken men break their children” “Who grow up to be broken men” “But I AM bigger than that” “Come to Me.” Blessings Agape

8383403803_70072eea0d_k September 12

I knew what I was getting in to, Misty Edwards

  A song of encouragement….   “I knew what I was getting in to and I still like you.” “I am not shocked by your broken-ness.” “I am not shocked by your weakness” “You don’t have to pretend to be something or someone that you’re not” “I see in you strength, when all you see […]

cc10006 July 20

There is more, by Charlie Robinson

Charlie Robinson, a prophetic father from Canada, talking about the shooba-boombas of knowing God, the prophetic, seeing, joy and a whole bunch of stuff in the way that only he can do. Charlie is one of my favourite preachers, although I don’t agree with everything he says. One of my all time favourite posts, is […]

cc10001 July 20

The Humour of Christ, by John Crowder

Recovering Comedy in Christianity The sense of humor is usually the first thing to go when you become a Christian. But humor is found throughout the words of Christ, the apostle Paul and other Biblical figures. Humor has a way of stripping away false humility and the self-importance of the religious order, which is why […]

scot63 July 20

The Father Himself Loves You, by Jack Winter

Jack Winter, the father of the fatherheart movement that began in the 1970’s, speaks about his life message of the Father Heart of G-d. Jack travelled the world sharing the life-changing message of the Father’s love for many years. He travelled to South Korea 40 times alone, plus many other places. Wherever Jack went, he […]

ccim507 July 20

Interview with Larry Randolph, Will Hart

Will Hart from Global Awakening interviews Larry Randolph, one of the fathers in the prophetic, as he shares his heart on returning to his first love, the prophetic movement, Jacob, inheritance, and mothers and fathers in the church. Peace Agape.

scot93 July 19

The Nephilim, by John Crowder

Giants, Enoch & UFOs In this Video, John Crowder tackles a topic that is trending among many charismatics a tthe moment – the Nephilim, also known as the ancient giants of scripture. This obscure subject begins in Genesis 6, when the “sons of God” took the daughters of men as wives. Needless to say, plenty […]

scot73 July 18

The end of the world is nigh! by John Crowder

It seems that just about everybody in Christendom has an idea of how the world is going to end and how Jesus is gonna return to open up a can of rambo on the less deserving. But is it possible that we’ve missed the whole point about a Judge who’s made it clear that He’s […]

ccim502 July 18

Spiritual Napping, by John Crowder

In this video, John dissects spiritual warfare – specifically the idea of certain geographical areas being “portals” or “gateways” for God’s presence or the demonic. What is commonly called “spiritual mapping” in the charismatic world involves targeted prayer over regions and complex intercessory, abracadabra “cleansing” rituals. Today, we invite you to retire from all your […]

scot32 July 17

Jesus Farted, by John Crowder

Exploring the Humanity of God At the crux of everything is the incarnation. That God would fully step into our complete and total humanity is still the stumbling stone of the ages yet the centerpiece of everything.  In this video, John Crowder points out the obvious (i.e. the God of Glory thunders – Ps. 29:3) […]

4422571721_294698548f_b July 16

Who is your covering? John Crowder

In an extended episode of the Jesus Trip, John Crowder discusses the hot topic of spiritual authority. Explaining the difference between institutional and charismatic authority, he shows how ideally both come in the same package. Avoiding the two pitfalls of control and rebellion, John explains the role of fathering versus self-appointed ministry builders. Is there […]