scot131 November 20

Seeing God the Father, by Bob Mumford

God as Father is often misrepresented in the earth – many times by believers! Christ came to share with us Who His Father is and how Father, Son and Spirit are inviting us into the love they have for one another. This is an amazing life-time journey God is taking us on and an invitation […]

scot52 November 20

Governed and Ungoverned, by Bob Mumford

In this short clip, Bob Mumford shares that the  journey to become more Christ-like involves the transformation of becoming a giver from a taker. Although the concept is simple to grasp, the death to self required to change from an ungoverned taker to a governed giver can be severe at times as we mature in […]

holy November 06

Trump and the US election, Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau on the Jim Bakker Show – Trump and America’s Fourth Crucible (Day 2) Even if Trump doesn’t win the election – which I hope he does but slightly think he won’t – I think that he’s done enough to shake up the system, and expose the underlying problems in America. But Trump […]

ccim502 October 23

Trump: God’s chaos candidate, by Lance Wallnau

As America heads into its key presidential election in the next 2 weeks, Dr. Lance Wallnau leads an important seminar discussing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. The American Church – like the UK church – is by and large sleeping in my perspective. How long will they be like the people of Elijah’s day, who cannot […]

scot6 October 22

Sheep in Wolves clothing, by John Crowder

I’ve only got one word to describe this post: “priceless.” As usual , John delivers great insights into the need for people to be themselves when they deliver the word and message of the Lord, and not to be what other people expect them to be. This vlog is for all the mis-understood and wild […]

images October 22

Bravery & Authenticity in a Digital World, by Brené Brown

Chase Jarvis welcomes author, scholar, and public speaker Brené Brown to the studio to discuss how failure, heartbreak, or loss can unlock creativity and your biggest successes in life. Brené is probably my most favourite person on the planet right now.  I just love her.  Her insights into relationships are nothing short of amazing and […]

cc1232 October 13

Since your Love, by United Pursuit

Awesome song by United Pursuit and Brandon Hampton from IHOP.   You are the light; the song of my life You always lead You are the voice inside You are my love, no one before You All that I am, points to You   I was made by You I was made for You I […]

colour-1 October 13

Hidden by United Pursuit

Another great song by United Pursuit….Hidden by Will Reagan from their album called Simple Gospel. There was One when I was young Who knew my heart, He knew my sorrow He held my hand And He led me to trust Him   Now I am hidden, in the safety of Your love I trust Your […]

ipod-2 October 13

United Pursuit, Let it happen

One of my favourite songs at the moment by United Pursuit.  The words are excellent. You’re full of life now You’re full of passion That’s how He made you Just let it happen And He calls each one of us by our names to come away And He whispers to your heart To let it […]

scot16 October 12

Heidi and Rolland Baker talk over coffee

Join Nathan Kotzur and Crystalyn Human for the 7th episode of the “Iris After Hours” Podcast. This time the founders of Iris Global, Rolland and Heidi Baker, are talking marriage, family, best friends, mother-in-laws, son-in-laws, demons, obedience, dancing, tennis, chocolate, millionaire parents, huge hearts, patience, laughing, and saying sorry. A truly brilliant interview. “If there’s no […]

4422571721_294698548f_b October 12

Iris after Hours with Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker in an after hours podcast with her daughter talking about love, revolution, the orphan heart, giving, and the unity of the Body. Blessings Agape.

c10004 September 12

He’s gonna turn it all around, Misty Edwards.

“He’s gonna turn it all around, just wait and see.” “He’s gonna make everything beautiful, just in time.” “Just hold on” “We have need of endurance” “No one who waits on the Lord, will be ashamed.” “I AM not a God far off or dis-interested in you, I KNOW you.” “Do you think I am […]