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July 12

John Paul Jackson, A Father’s Blessing

John Paul Jackson gives the Father’s Blessing from Numbers 6 in this short video clip.

March 23

John Paul Jackson, Perfect Storm update Prophecy from 2012

John Paul Jackson sharing more insights on the perfect storm, and teaching at Matt Sorger’s church in New York. When the judgements of the Lord are in the land, men learn righteousness

March 08

John Paul Jackson, A biblical view of dreams

Why a Biblical model for dream interpretation? What’s wrong with the dream analysis methods of men such as Jung or Freud? In this episode of Dreamipedia from John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries, John Paul takes a look at some differences between the secular and Biblical views on dreams.  He also interprets a couple of […]

February 15

John Paul Jackson, Power and Authority

A teaching from John Paul Jackson at the Ignite conference in Albany, NY.  You can purchase the rest of the conference at the ignite website.   Powerful message.

February 15

John Paul Jackson, Beyond Nov’13 (Perfect Storm Prophecy Talk)

Meet Logan Smith—Streams systems administrator of the Perfect Storm website. Logan and John Paul discuss eye-opening events that are taking place today in direct correlation to John Paul’s Perfect Storm prophecy.

February 15

John Paul Jackson, The Coming Perfect Storm 2008-2020

God has given the prophetic voice of John Paul Jackson insight into the future of America. He shares what God has shown him of a coming Perfect Storm capable of bringing unpredictable calamity to the United States through the elements of war, politics, economics, religion and geophysical issues.   Some of these predictions have already […]

September 22

John Paul Jackson, Prophetic Headlines

Recorded October 4, 2012 during “Beyond with John Paul”. Don’t be afraid, but be prepared. John Paul Jackson reiterates some important tips that may save you from some headaches in the days that lie ahead. He also releases more of the ‘prophetic headlines’ the Lord has shown him over past years.