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May 26

Supernatural Sleep, by Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson from Bethel Church teaching on the lifestyle of a son, and entering into supernatural sleep.  Bill explains that slaves fight and war for their inheritance, while sons fight from inheritance. Bill explains that sometimes victory doesn’t come in war, but only in a place of supernatural rest, and physical sleep is huge a […]

July 22

Bill Johnson, The Holy Spirit is in You

Bill Johnson from Bethel teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit @ Jesus Culture.  

March 29

Bill Johnson, A Culture of Faith

Bill Johnson @ Bethel, Redding teaching on Faith. 2007.

March 16

Bill Johnson, Thinking from the throne

More awesome insights from Bill Johnson, teaching at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  

February 22

Bill Johnson, The Glory Cloud @ Bethel

It all started in October 2011. Hundreds of believers travelled to Redding, California for the Open Heaven Conference at Bethel Church. The remaining congregation was engaged in a Fire Tunnel (people lining up to pray for each other) during the very end of the last night session on October 14th, 2011. Suddenly a mysterious gold-sparkling […]

February 15

Bill Johnson, The re-newed mind

Bill Johnson from Bethel, and author of The Supernatural Power of  a Transformed Mind teaches on the re-newed mind.

February 15

Bill Johnson, Wisdom

Bill Johnson teaching at Toronto on Wisdom at the 20th Celebration of the Father’s Blessing in Toronto.

February 15

Bill Johnson, Living a life of break-through

Bill Johnson teaching on break-through at the Voice of the Apostles conference, run by Randy Clark.

February 01

Bill Johnson, The presence of God

February 01

Bill Johnson, Jesus came to reveal the Father