Cool events to go to in Scotland where Holy Spirit will likely be hanging out.

Most events are in Scotland, but some are in the wider UK which are worth travelling to.  Please feel free to share with your friends, and on social media networks & sites.

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Charlie Robinson once visited my church. After his wonderful sermon, we all lined up and Charlie prophesied over all 200 people, one by one. All except me. The person on my right and left were blessed with a destiny and prophecy over their lives. Many people were slain in the spirit. I was passed over. I was the only one with no blessing. After everybody had been touched and spoken over, I was the only one left. He just ignored me as if I didn’t exist. As if God had no interest in me. That was over ten years ago. I still feel as if God has rejected me. I don’t know what to do with this, where to go with it. Please help! Why was I invisible to Charlie?


    1. Hello Cathy,

      Apologies for the delay in replying. Well, I would say that sometimes, when people don’t get given a prophecy, then they don’t need one – and that’s a good thing – as it means that you can likely hear God on your own.

      Father has often already spoken to people who get “passed by” in lines, and has no need to confirm anything to them. I wouldn’t receive it as a rejection. The prophetic movement and receiving “words” from Father is all well and good, but nothing substitutes for hearing Father yourself through intimacy – either through His Word, or other mechanisms.

      You are not rejected, Cathy. You are wholly accepted in the beloved. He said that He wouldn’t leave you as an orphan. He said He would come to you. Even a mother can forsake a nursing child, but He promised that He would never forsake us – and that includes you. You are the Father’s delight, You are the apple of His eye, and the daughter and Princess that He always wanted when He planned you before creation.

      Hearing Father in the silence is part of the process of maturity, Cathy. Keep on keeping on. Your destiny is as sure as it is bright. Be encouraged, Cathy, because He is truly with you. I perceive that your time of waiting for whatever Father has for you is coming to an end.

      In His Agape.

      AR Team.


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