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January 09

Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2016

2016 is The Year that the Tide Turns! Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life in abundance.” (John 10:10) In this video, Cindy Jacobs shares a word at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX to deliver the Word of the Lord for the next season. A full write up from the Apostolic […]

January 18

Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2015

Cindy Jacobs’ Word of the Lord for 2015.

March 29

Corey Russell, Raising up Prophets

Corey Russell teaching @ the IHOP Onething Conference about seeing in the spirit, revelation, eyes and ears, & the plan of Jezebel to take out a generation of prophets. “We are created to see God.”

February 22

Bob Jones – Warning of dividing Israel

Bob Jones warning to America not to be invloved in the division of the land of Israel, and the dividing of Jerusalem.   If America is involved in this, Bob goes on to say that the New Madrid fault will divide the USA.   Messing with Israel is a very serious thing. Bob encourages all […]

February 08

Lou Engle, Send Labourers into the harvest

Awesome video of Lou Engle preaching @ IHOP, Onething 2012.

February 08

Dutch Sheets, War Eagles

Dutch Sheets, Sunday Am 01Sept.13 FAHOW, Crestview, Florida “War Eagles”. God still has a plan for America, it is not too late.  As a tree can grow back from being cut down to a stump, so America can come back to Life.   Dutch shares Tim Sheets research and word, on WAR EAGLE.

February 01

Cindy Jacobs, The role of prophet in society

February 01

Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce, Word of the Lord Ayin Dalet (2014)

February 01

Cory Russell, John 17.

February 01

Allen Hood, War in the Heavens

Allen Hood preaching @ IHOP on Revelation Chapter 12.

February 01

Mike Bickle, God loves us with all of His Heart

January 18

Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2014