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July 12

Danny Silk, Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Danny Silk from Jesus Culture teaching on Love.  

June 29

Danny Silk, Culture is everything

In our world, nearly everything we say and do is influenced somehow by our culture. Our culture dictates what we think like, what we talk like, and in many ways, what we act like. There is a culture of Texas, a culture of California, a culture of America, etc. But what is the culture of […]

June 29

Danny Silk, Defining the Relationship

Danny Silk from Jesus Culture talking about relationships and marriage, and how to live with healthy relationships as well as how to recognise them.

June 14

Danny Silk, Living in an Apostolic Age

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best messages I have ever heard on the alignment of the government of God, and the apostles and prophets of the kingdom.   A must watch & highly recommended Danny clearly outlines what’s wrong with the current building structure in the church, and what needs to […]

June 14

Danny Silk, Boundaries

Danny Silk from Jesus Culture, Sacramento (previously Bethel), teaching on boundaries and powerful people.  This teaching is from 2012 at Resurrection Fellowship. Most of this teaching can also be found in his book called “Keep your Love on.”   The book can be purchased on Amazon at  the following link too.  

June 08

Danny Silk, Dare to Dream

Danny Silk teaching on dreams – not night visions and dreams of that nature; but dreams of life.   These are the dreams that fulfil your life, so that you become fully alive. This is so sooooo good.  I heard him teach on this in Birmingham once.   Totally love this guy – he’s one […]

July 12

Danny Silk – Know Your self, Know your team

Danny Silk from Bethel talking about forming teams in your church.  Truly hilarious.