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July 04

Prophets Arise, by John Eckhardt

Greetings Beloved of God, I came home tonight, and I felt Father tell me to listen to a video from a couple of years back.  It is attached below. I feel that it is a word in season. I’m not a fan of titles at all; but for all you prophetically inclined people out there […]

April 29

Protected: The Coming Sons of Love in Scotland, by AR

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

November 06

Trump and the US election, Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau on the Jim Bakker Show – Trump and America’s Fourth Crucible (Day 2) Even if Trump doesn’t win the election – which I hope he does but slightly think he won’t – I think that he’s done enough to shake up the system, and expose the underlying problems in America. But Trump […]

October 23

Trump: God’s chaos candidate, by Lance Wallnau

As America heads into its key presidential election in the next 2 weeks, Dr. Lance Wallnau leads an important seminar discussing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. The American Church – like the UK church – is by and large sleeping in my perspective. How long will they be like the people of Elijah’s day, who cannot […]

July 20

There is more, by Charlie Robinson

Charlie Robinson, a prophetic father from Canada, talking about the shooba-boombas of knowing God, the prophetic, seeing, joy and a whole bunch of stuff in the way that only he can do. Charlie is one of my favourite preachers, although I don’t agree with everything he says. One of my all time favourite posts, is […]

July 20

Interview with Larry Randolph, Will Hart

Will Hart from Global Awakening interviews Larry Randolph, one of the fathers in the prophetic, as he shares his heart on returning to his first love, the prophetic movement, Jacob, inheritance, and mothers and fathers in the church. Peace Agape.

July 19

The Nephilim, by John Crowder

Giants, Enoch & UFOs In this Video, John Crowder tackles a topic that is trending among many charismatics a tthe moment – the Nephilim, also known as the ancient giants of scripture. This obscure subject begins in Genesis 6, when the “sons of God” took the daughters of men as wives. Needless to say, plenty […]

May 24

Function in your divine purpose outside the religious sphere, Lance Wallnau

One of my favourite preachers, Lance Wallnau, teaching on discipling nations as a reformational force.  Convergence and destiny amongst the believers outside the Church is required, in order to father the Pharohs of society. Discover the call of Father on your life, your assignment and your blueprint from heaven in order to take territory for […]

May 04

Sphere Champions, Lance Wallnau

Great teaching by Lance Wallnau about extending the kingdom of God into culture, and out-with the church.  Lance has tremendous insight into this area, and it is also really funny. “In Babylon, you need to look like a Chaldean and think like a Jew” “In Egypt, you need to look like an Egyptian and think […]

April 30

Why Micro Church? Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau asks you to consider joining the Micro Church revolution to advance the Kingdom of God within your sphere of influence. Enjoy! AR

January 09

Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2016

2016 is The Year that the Tide Turns! Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life in abundance.” (John 10:10) In this video, Cindy Jacobs shares a word at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX to deliver the Word of the Lord for the next season. A full write up from the Apostolic […]

September 15

Special Post: Last Day’s Madness?

Greetings Beloved, As we career into the world’s end next week due to a mortal head wound and the Pope opening-up a blood-moon in the Large Hadron Collider, which will cause the zombie apocalypse in the middle-east, the attached is an alternative view of the end times and the ‘left behind’ series – and is […]