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September 12

All men are broken, Misty Edwards

“All men are broken.” “And broken men break their children” “Who grow up to be broken men” “But I AM bigger than that” “Come to Me.” Blessings Agape

September 12

I knew what I was getting in to, Misty Edwards

  A song of encouragement….   “I knew what I was getting in to and I still like you.” “I am not shocked by your broken-ness.” “I am not shocked by your weakness” “You don’t have to pretend to be something or someone that you’re not” “I see in you strength, when all you see […]

April 05

David Brymer, Daughters of Jerusalem

David Brymer from IHOP singing “Daughters of Jerusalem,” a song about the Song of Solomon.  He’s had a lot of good songs over the years, but this is by far my favourite. “All I want is to be near you with you where you are…..” Enjoy. Grace and Peace to you, AR

March 09

Misty Edwards, All Men are broken

Amazingly powerful song from Misty Edwards (IHOP) reminding us that God is the Perfect Father.  Much healing in listening to this song.  I heartily recommend it.

May 18

Misty Edwards – Only a Shadow Concert

Filmed at IHOPKC, OneThing 2012 Conference.   An awesome set by Misty.