Prophets Arise, by John Eckhardt

Greetings Beloved of God,

I came home tonight, and I felt Father tell me to listen to a video from a couple of years back.  It is attached below.

I feel that it is a word in season.

I’m not a fan of titles at all; but for all you prophetically inclined people out there – the square pegs in round holes, the ones who don’t fit and never will, the trouble-makers and troublers of the church, the rejected, the frustrated, those that go against the grain, who see what others don’t see, the haters of religion, of programmes, of compromise, of false worship, dead worship, and even no worship at all – the haters of title, of mammon, of double-mindedness, and when false shepherds lord it over the sons of Father – it is a new day.

The season changed last year, and you need to press forward as the change agents that Father created you to be.

The time to tear down, to pull down the altars of Baal, the idols of the church, and to plant and to build has now come.

Saul – and the false prophets – are being removed.  David – and his band of messengers -are arising to go forth singing and preaching the secrets of The Kingdom of Love.

It is time to leave the cave that many of you have been in since 2008, and stand for truth, and what is right.

A time of healing and repairing has now come for you.

It is time to now go forth in love, because love never fails.

Grace and peace to you

Team Agape.


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