The Kingdom of Love

Father’s Kingdom

The Word of God is Love.  He was conceived for love, grew in love, died for love, was raised for love, and reigns with the rule of love. The Bible is a love story.  It points to Love Himself, and reveals Love Himself.

It’s all about a Father who so loved His Son, that he wanted to give Him a bride.  It’s all about a Son who so loved His Father that He wanted to bring many sons to Him.  That Bride is you and I, and those sons are you and I.  It’s all about sons and lovers.


See, the Father desires for us to be caught up in the Love between Himself and His Son that is forever being bonded by the Spirit of Love.  He turned the guns on Himself so that we could know Him – intimately.

Intimacy is to be our life.  Love is to be our home.  Truly this is what we’ve always longed for, and this is what makes the heart truly possessed with life.

And this is also the kingdom that is coming: it is a kingdom of Love.  The Rule of the Kingdom is the Rule of Love, and the Spirit of the Kingdom is the Spirit of Love.  The authority of the Kingdom is the authority of Love, and those who hold upside-down rank have been given the authority to love in the same way as the Father.  Agape is King and has dominion because Agape never fails.  It is perfect in all its ways.  It is just in all its ways, and righteousness Incarnate.

In this hour, our Father is again offering to us His Agape.  While healing and restoration breaks-in across the globe and wonders follow in a wave of Goodness, the Father is seeking sons and Jesus is seeking intimate lovers.  Indeed sons and lovers are those who will bring about the Kingdom of Love that is breaking-in to the earth.

It is those who know the Father and know the Son that will be empowered with the Spirit of Love to bring the Kingdom of Love to transform nations, regions, and cities in the earth.  It is those who are sons and lovers that will bring about the restoration of all things spoken about by the Prophets, and all things that the Father has ordained.

His prophets that will appear in these days’ are the prophets of Love.  The teachers that arise will be the teachers of Love, and the teaching of the Love of God will begin to roll like a mighty river.  The apostles that come from caves and places of hidden-ness will be fathers of love, and will build with Love as the True cornerstone.  His evangelists and preachers that emerge will be men and women of love, those set alight with the flame of Yah, and with soft hearts.

Indeed, Agape Revolution is coming.  It is the very Grace, Mercy, Long-suffering, and Loving-kindness of Love Himself.  The face of this revolution is the beauty of Love.  When His Grace passes before us, the face of Love is manifested;  The Father is revealing His very nature, His DNA, and His Name to His family as the One who loves with an everlasting love.

Truly our wise Father has kept the best until last: rivers of pure love flowing from those whose hearts are one with Him.  His sons and His lovers are about to flow with His heart, and life will explode from mature love.

So, whose son are you?  Whose bride and lover are you?  Who do you aim to please, and what focuses your love?  Is it the audience of One, or things below?


Abba, you have been so kind to me, so gracious and so gentle.  Grant me more grace to love You.  Grant me grace to love the one in front of me.  Raise me as Your son, instruct me in intimacy.  Lead me in the way of humility and help me to abide in You.  Thank you Abba, that you are my treasure, you are my great reward and inheritance.  Glorify your son that your son may glorify you.

And for Scotland: raise-up ten thousand fathers in the land.  Let love flow like a mighty river.  Let us see on our hills the Kingdom of the Son of Your Love. 

(C) Agape Revolution, June 2008.

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