Deliverers Arise

The following prophecy was given to Jean Darnall in 2003
Transcribed from GOD TV Braveheart II Conference, Edinburgh, October 2003

“The Lord hears the cries of those who have been slain for the glory of God. Those who have been slain for the cause of Christ. They groan they cry and wait for the revelation of the Sons of God when the Lord will bring forth His people. This is the day in which the Lord wants to manifest his power. Yes the Lord will take you and cause you step forward for you shall speak a word of deliverance to those in bondage. There are hordes of people waiting to be delivered. He is sending His Church. They are sitting in chains and in darkness, but he Lord has heard their cry. And he is sending forth his Church to break the chains of those who are bound by the enemy.

“There are those in the Church who are asleep, not with an ordinary sleep, not with the slumber of those who truly rest, but they have been put under by the power of the enemy into a stupor and they are unaware. Speak to these who sleep and awaken them. For the hour of God’s power has come. And He is about to bring out of the shadows, out of the places of hiding, out of obscurity those who have been hidden from the eyes of the world. They are those who the Lord has been training those who he has been purifying and they shall be brought out into the open and they shall manifest the power of God and the chains shall drop off and the darkness role away and there will be a glad shout of joy and deliverance that will rise from the thousands who will come to the saviour.

The Lord is manifesting his children to bring deliverance to a suffering world, to bring home those who are lost. Set the Captives free My children Go forth in the name of the Lord. You have wondered why the Lord restrained you why His hand appeared to be against you it was not a hand against you, but a hand waiting for the time to bring you forth and the lessons you have been learning, the tests you have been passing through, the trials you have been facing have been preparing you for the time when God will reveal his power through you to a lost and dying world.

“This is the time, this is the hour, this is the beginning of a new thing that God is going to do, where the weak shall be strong and the silent shall be the proclaimers of a powerful word of deliverance that will surge through this world to raise the multitudes for the glory of God. And there shall be a new sound that will fill the air with the songs of deliverance as the people rejoice in the manifestation of God’s people through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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