Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2014

One thought on “Cindy Jacobs, Word of the Lord 2014

  1. Hello Cindy, we have never forgotten you, from Weatherford, Tx we still have a tape recording of your prophecy over Jill and I. We treasure this Word you pronounced over us and beleive it will come to pass, exactly as stated. We have been stripped bare of every piece of chattel and wealth we ever possessed. We arrived at Oliver Thambo airport in South Africa with our suitcases and 300 Euro’s four years ago, Everything else was lost. We are absurdly happy back in South Africa, for a season. We are, expecting the miracle of your prophecy to come to fruition, very shortly with accelerated favor… Our son American born son Gabriele is sixteen and allready taller than me at 6′ 5″ and an excellent scholar .We are coming back to the USA to settle again asap and continue Gabriele’s teaching at Harvard University. Please continue to pray for us, we covet your prayers.


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