Allen Hood, War in the Heavens

6 thoughts on “Allen Hood, War in the Heavens

  1. Listening to your 2004 Forerunner & End times CDs and wondering if due to your warning against the “rapture” teachings, you were in full knowledge of Zionism and its history and its effects especially in America. I would be grateful for feedback. Thank you. Kim Allum 832-277-7531.

    P. S. I am an informed, practicing Roman Catholic and always looking for non-Catholics who actually know the history of America and the Middle East and how the rest of the world views America and our foreign policy and how non-Catholic Christians have incorporated the current state of Israel into their religious lives instead of the heavenly Jerusalem.


    1. I don’t support ihops view of a post-trib eschatology. I don’t subscribe to futurism at all.

      I’m end time agnostic, but if I had to choose, I’m a partial preterist. I believe that the book of revelation has been fulfilled for the most part. Revelation is johns version of the ad70 prophecy, that you find in the synoptic gospels. It parallels the book of ezekiel and matt 24 . Matt 24 has all been fulfilled in my view.

      Jesus will still return to Jerusalem. I know a wee bit about history. I have a masters degree in it.


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    2. To clarify, I don foresee a future tribulation. It happened already in ad70. Jesus prophecy was 100% spot on, contrary to what cs Lewis said about it. I.e that it was the most embarrassing words of christ


  2. Final thoughm, Kim.

    I also don’t really like how the view of IHOP is to pray that judgements of God into the earth, to speed things up, and the return of Christ.

    Jesus said, “the Father judges no one”, but he committed all judgement to the Son.

    Jesus also said, I’ve not come to condemn the world but to save it. Finally, personally, I think that Jesus also said that the word would be the judge, not even Him, and even that people would be judged by their own words. Anyway….that’s just where I’m at.

    Personally, the church view “that god so hated the world that he wanted to get the church outta there, so he could beat everyone else up….” I don’t support it. I think Father is pretty nice tbh. I think we’ve underestimated what Christ has achieved…

    The only way that I would believe in the rapture is if God raptured all the religious wing-nuts off the planet so that I could have a nice peaceful life…

    Grace and Peace to you.



    1. The point of praying for a fast return of Jesus has nothing to do with the destruction of sinners: it has everything to do with the longing and love for Jesus, the destined groom of the saints.
      Yes, the book of revelation is quite full of despair for those that are not saved. But God clearly said that it is his will that no man should perish (2 peter 3:9), but it also says that the love of many will grow cold in the last days, and deception will be rampant (Matthew 24: 4-14). So in these end times, when we see so many divisions in the church today (by church I mean the body of Christ not a building full of people), and with so many theologies and religions being tossed around to and fro like newspapers, it is easy to see how close we are to the fulfillment of the book of Revelation. Those like the ones at Ihop are simply praying for the fulfillment to come swiftly, so that we can see Jesus face to face in the New Jerusalem soon and very soon.
      Now, on the topic of the rapture, I do believe in the rapture, and I believe that will come in the midst of the tribulation. I have a number of verses to support this claim. For one, in the book of revelation, chapter 7, verses 9-17, it speaks of a great number of people coming out of the tribulation, where they worship God day and night, without hunger or thirst, before the throne of God. It clearly says that they come “out of” the tribulation. In addition, we have one of the most used verses in the bible for those that support the rapture ideology. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 clearly states that God will descend from the heavens and the dead will rise to be with him in the air, and then those still living will be caught up in the air with them.
      And one final point on this, it is seen clearly throughout the bible that certain old testament events are prophetic instances for new testament events. One such one, I believe, is the exodus story. During the ten plagues, the first three plagues affected not only the egyptians, but also the hebrews living nearby under the enslavement of the egyptians. But after the first three plagues, God established a “division” between his people and the egyptians, so only the egyptians were affected by the remaining seven plagues.


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