John Arnott, Grace and Forgiveness.

Sometimes when we hear words over and over, we become so familiar with certain words that we are no longer sure exactly what they mean. “Grace” is an example of one of these well-used words. John Arnott draws clear pictures showing what grace looks like in your life.. Things like unforgiveness will block the flow of the grace of God in our life. Joseph is a classic example of how we need to be when we go through life — a man who kept his heart right before God by releasing and forgiving so that the power of the Holy Spirit could continue to move through him and he could continue to be used. That same call is for you and me!
Have you gone through devastating pain and wounding? Listen to a tender, compassionate voice in the Body of Christ help you through it with a healing message straight from the heart of the Father. We can have justice OR we can have mercy, but we can’t have both. The law and justice are very good, but grace is better!

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