Heidi Baker, Get into His Presence

6 thoughts on “Heidi Baker, Get into His Presence

    1. Hey, no worries bro. I haven’t yet seen the new film – and it slipped my mind that I need to watch that, so thanks for reminding me. Yeah, Heidi is great – she’s just the frist fruits of an amy of sons and lovers that are coming. Had a look at your blog btw – and I like. I pray that Father greatly increases everything you’re doing my brother. Peace. J.


    2. Hey Mel. I see that you are right into the Father Heart of God, and that you’ve got links to Flloyd McClung and Jack Frost on your site. Likely you’ll already know about these people, but I just wondered if you were aware of the minstry of James and Denise Jordan? If not, I would highly recommend them – their ministry is http://www.fatherheart.net.

      Also, some other really cracking minstires with deep revelation on the father are:

      Peter and Heather Jackson from Toronto
      Bob Mumford – his teaching on the agape road, and the Eternal Seed etc – really awesome
      Ed Piorek
      Henri Nouwen
      Jack Winter

      Thought I just drop you a note re the above – as like you, my whole life is revaling and declaring the Father.

      IF you’re interested in the above, some good videos from the above ministries is on the links below


      May you continue to declare Father to a hurting world.

      Grace and Peace

      Agape Revolution


      1. Thanks. I’ve heard of most of people you mentioned but will definitely check out these other links on your site when I get a chance. You have a lot of great resources here. Thanks for checking out my site too. Blessings.


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