John Kilpatrick, Prophetic Word Feb 2014 – Redefinement & Suddenlies

John Kilpatrick shares a prophetic word he was given in February 2014.  Embrace your “Season of Suddenlies.”  Something is about to change!  Redefinement is coming!

5 thoughts on “John Kilpatrick, Prophetic Word Feb 2014 – Redefinement & Suddenlies

  1. It’s very interesting you posted this today. I was given a link to this video by a member of our congregation earlier today and will be using it tomorrow morning during my message. Our local church has been going through a molting process, being redefined in this season, so this is a very timely word.


  2. I was very much taken and inspired by this Word from God. I am a bit limited on how to do some things but wanted to show this to the congregation I pastor. Just didn’t know how to make that happen. Thank Brother Kilpatrick. I was privileged to hear you in Rochelle, IL. The message there on Leah and Rachel was so insightful and helpful.


    1. Couldn’t God have meant redefinement of places/cities by judgment or wrath? I believe we are going to see God’s judgment but his wrath is reserved for the unclean. I wish I could have heard the entire dream. It just seems God could have meant this as a warning to the saints for days to come? Please email me your thoughts. I want to say I love pastor Kilpatrick and believe he is a true man of GOD.


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