Jerame Nelson, Burning Ones

“The Burning Ones”

God is raising up an army of sons and lovers!  It’s going to take all of us to pull off what God wants to do.  God wants to use you, equip you, empower you, and visit you.

God is raising up people in this season, anointing them as burning ones, who will be a bright and shining light for God. He wants to put you on display! A city on a hill cannot be hidden; God is about to cause His people to shine for His glory.

Isaiah 8:18 says we are for signs and wonders… to people at work, in the malls, in the schools, and everywhere we go.  God wants to set you on fire and give you a revelation about the fire of God.  The key is the fire of God.  If the Holy Ghost and fire touches your life, it will transform you and you will become a champion.  His fire is not bad, it’s good—it’s LOVE.

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