Mark Virkler, Divine Healing Toolbox – Part 1

Mark Virkler shares some practical keys for powerful and effective healing.   Part 1 of a 2 part short teaching.


4 thoughts on “Mark Virkler, Divine Healing Toolbox – Part 1

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yeah, he’s pretty awesome. His teaching on hearing the voice of God / Communion with God is excellent – as is his teaching / book, on ‘Prayer’s that Heal the heart.’ On the latter, he brings together the teaching from John and Paula Sandford and the Kylsta’s in a very effective way. tbh, I think he has the clearest insights to inner healing that I’ve seen thus far. I like how he focuses on the language of the heart.

      Agape Revolution


      1. I have those books! and I Love Love Love John and Paula Sandford too! Inner healing is my heartbeat. In fact this is how I got most of my healing even before I knew anything or read anything about it. I also read some stuff on NLP written by Bobbie Bodenhamer and Mike Davis. They wrote a book called the user manual for the brain. They have a website called renewing your mind NLP for Christians. On the site there’s some video’s you should check out.


        1. Hi Lisa

          I’ll check out that stuff on NLP. I’ve never heard of it before.

          Re the Sandfords – there is some of there early teaching on the following link if you’ve not seen it before.

          Also, some other good ministries on inner healing that you may or may not have heard of are:

          Chester and Betsy Kylstra
          Peter Horrobin
          Doris Wagner
          Katie Souza
          Francis McNutt

          Have you heard of the ministry of James and Denise Jordan?

          Grace and Peace to you,


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