June 29

Heidi Baker, God wants to put courage in your heart

In this encouraging message by Heidi Baker, she asks, “Do you want to live so people see Jesus in you every day? Do you ever feel like God has given you something to do, but you don’t have the energy or the power to do it?” Rest assured, God wants to put courage in your hearts!

Do you know what lavish love looks like? It’s when God just looks at you and says,”You rock!” It doesn’t matter if you fail; it doesn’t matter if you succeed. What matters is that God loves you.

And, once you get a revelation of who you are in God, that your Father adores you, and that He wants to put lavish love into your spirit, then you’re not afraid and fear will disappear from your heart.  Let God so fill you with His love that you be fearless in all that you do!