Jonathan Welton, Women in ministry

Jon Welton, one of my favourite up and coming bible teachers and scholars, teaching on the liberation of women in ministry.

From a larger teaching, this brief clip debunks the utter rubbish taught in most churches about women having a less than equal role in churches – and indeed church leadership.   A much fuller explanation can also be found in his book called ‘Normal Christianity.’

When we fully understand the writings of Paul, beloved, we find that he was actually one of the most pro-women people in the bible.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Welton, Women in ministry

  1. Good stuff! Amen! I like Jonathan Welton too. I just wish he would come out and give us his opinion about this! 🙂 He talks about this in his book, “Normal Christianity.” He debunks a lot of other myths in the book.


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