Hyper Grace, by John Crowder

Rightly Defining the Grace of God:

Following the 2013 book called “Hypergrace” written by Dr. Michael Brown against John Crowder and other proponents of New Covenant grace theology such as Joseph Prince, John is finally offering clarity on the subject.

In a frank and honest rebuttal, John addresses three main misconceptions from his accusers: the idea that we preach “license to sin;” the idea that we are against confession; and the idea that we don’t preach repentance.

Far from a defense, John merely clears the air for those confused about what this false moniker “hypergrace” is all about.

Enjoy this video as John dispels the myth that the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires our human assistance.  And by the way, if anyone finds out who these mythical Hyper Grace teachers actually are, be sure to drop me a line on http://www.agaperevolution.com, aye.

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