The end of the world is nigh! by John Crowder

It seems that just about everybody in Christendom has an idea of how the world is going to end and how Jesus is gonna return to open up a can of rambo on the less deserving.

But is it possible that we’ve missed the whole point about a Judge who’s made it clear that He’s not in the judgment business? A judge who has rigged the whole legal process, is shamelessly in cahoots with the guilty, and who has made the flat announcement that He’s a judge whose very shtick is nonjudgment?

Must watch video by John.  Pure class.



One thought on “The end of the world is nigh! by John Crowder

  1. I agree with Crowder on this one. We don’t have a full of grace Jesus now and an angry, slaughtering Jesus coming back. That’s schizophrenic!

    I think we can call fearmongering prophecies like the “Blood Moons” a FALSE prophecy. Why does this crazy stuff still have any credibility? And anyway, didn’t these “Left Behind” people realize that the Mayans blew up the world in 2012? 🙂


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