The Father Himself Loves You, by Jack Winter

Jack Winter, the father of the fatherheart movement that began in the 1970’s, speaks about his life message of the Father Heart of G-d.

Jack travelled the world sharing the life-changing message of the Father’s love for many years. He travelled to South Korea 40 times alone, plus many other places. Wherever Jack went, he impacted people with the incredible sense of the presence of God’s love whether ministering to thousands or simply sharing a meal with someone.

Jack has influenced literally thousands of people throughout many years of ministry. HeĀ mentored some of my favourite people on the planet like Peter Jackson, James Jordan, and Jack Frost.

Jack was also an author, writing a book called “The Homecoming”. He went home to be with the Lord in August 2002, just before he was due to visit our church in Edinburgh.

This is a must watch video.



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