United Pursuit, Let it happen

One of my favourite songs at the moment by United Pursuit.  The words are excellent.
You’re full of life now
You’re full of passion
That’s how He made you
Just let it happen
And He calls each one of us
by our names to come away
And He whispers to your heart
To let it go and to be a light
So take me back,
back to the beginning
When I was young
Running through the fields with You
The only thing I would say about this song is that we have already been taken back to the beginning, not just to walk WITH Father in the cool of the day like Adam did.  But now, Father walks INSIDE us on earth, and we walk inside Him in heaven….we just need to believe it.
I think that this year, we’re going to find out that Father is really a lot nicer than we think is..

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