The Masonic Breaks in Scotland

The following prophetic word was given to Martin Scott in September 2009 in Scotland.

“Listen, there’s somebody here, not word of knowledge but I know, from Kilwinning. {Could you stand from Scotland.}  Listen, I’ve never been there, I told Dave I know that it’s the Number 0, eh Lodge thing.  It could be the mother of all that crap.  Now.  So, I dunno what’s there.  But there’s been incredible, incredible, incredible battles of where God’s coming to uncover stuff there.

I’m prophesying that you’re gonna see the literally, the walls of the Masonic, shake the building.  There’s underground….I I see underground, streams that run under that area and God is going to shake the literal ah building itself.

See, the Masonic in this country [Scotland] is the glue that holds together most of the occult.  It’s the glue.  If you don’t get rid of the glue, what you end up doing you try to detach pieces but you can’t get them properly detached.  You’ve dealt with that; the next thing is that…’s back with its strength.  The reason being is that it was glued into other stuff that’s where it draws it’s strength.  I believe the Masonic is the glue that holds all of that stuff together in this nation.  And eh…. we’re gonna see still some real uncovering of the Masonic.  It’s tied to this cry for justice.

The Hillsburgh disaster…..when the enquiry was in parliament, 3 separate MP’s raised the question in the house: “is this a Masonic cover up?”  So, I’m prophesying that this year, there’s going to come an uncovering of what took place, even the not because…maybe not because I’m something special…but that’s one of the things…the first place I heard the cry for justice.

Something’s going to be uncovered this year about the Hillsburgh disaster. It’s going to cause an unlocking in the city of Sheffield.  It’s going to cause a rocking in the city of Liverpool.  It’s gonna an unlocking in the city of ..?…  There’s something that’s coming this year.   This year of the massive shakes, I believe, in this nation.

I pray for Kilwinning, O’ God, that the Masonic breaks.  Father we want to speak into the very structures of the pride. {Breaths} Of hidden oaths, not just Masonic oaths, but Lord, there’s some ancient hidden oaths tied to that place.  Old contracts over it, that go back Father somehow, to the Kings and the rulers of Scotland, and we pray tonight for a shaking open of the very roots of that place, of God.

Lord we come against this Spirit of Death over Scotland, in Jesus’ name.  He, Ho.  {Tongues}.  We say to the borders, open up in the name of Jesus.  Let the borders open in Jesus name. Ho.  Ho.  Ho.”

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