John Mark Pool prophecy for Scotland

The following prophetic word was given to John Mark Pool for Scotland on the 5th May 2005.

“The lord has covered your land with his authority and you have the keys, as the kilts are in the hands of those who carry the keys, god has given you, Scotland, the land of the never-dying desire to be my fire! Wield my sword of my word, and i will be in front of your battles.  The Scots will carry revival fire to the Nations!!

I have chosen you for a special move!

Be ready to burn for god! Be ready to carry the fire of revival all the way to the coast of Wales! You will soon hear their wails! It will be for my mercy! Get ready to see the fire of god’s heart brand you deep with his holy spirit to be his word to the world! You are carrying the mantle now! You carried once, you carried it twice, this is the last of the those who choose thee thrice! Be the word of God to the land of lost from the mother to her son, to the land of the never setting sun, god is about to make Scotland a household word around the world!

Your cup is coming, your throne is my throne, and you now will have keys to the globe, yet make it me that you shall roam! I AM is sending you to the hill. Nottingham is in your sights, keep them on their toes, and never return the plight! Love is your answer and this will wage war on the new lands of plenty that keep howling at your door!

Just go all the way this time, my plaid. I have placed you as my brave and ever-growing heart that came up the doors of revival as a little lad! The world awaits your obedience! Go all the way with me! Bring in the whole of Europe in your commonwealth of the kingdom for my name’s sake, says the lord!”

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