Chuck Pierce Prophetic Word for Scotland

Word given by Chuck Pierce on Friday 25th January 2013, 7.30pm.
At Methodist Central Hall, Edinburgh

Word for Scotland (15 mins on-wards):

Speaking of transition…:

“It’s a dynamic where it’s been pressed up to, and all of the gifting and creativity of this people in this land [Scotland], God is ready to open up the next season, so they not only experience Him, but people who have grown so cold in this region, and another generation that has never known Him, all of a sudden come alive to the power of God.  And, it’s really more than that, which I’ll prophesy at the end.  It’s actually more with Scotland right now, than just in the spiritual realm a move of God because also the nation is going to change.  It’s amazing what God is stirring up in the spirit realm….”

Word for Scotland (22 mins on-wards):

“God said, [to Chuck], “you go to Scotland, now.   And, you tell them, their season of transition just ended.”  God didn’t tell me to say that in Ireland, God didn’t tell me to say that in England.  He said, “you go to Scotland, with one message, and whoever hears it, it will apply to them personally, it’ll apply to the city, it’ll apply to the nation, it’ll apply to the church, it’ll apply to visions, kingdom visions that have been striving to move forward.  He said you go and tell them, tonight, their transition has ended.  Get Ready, you WILL now cross over!”……

Word for Scotland (24 mins on-wards):

Speaking of the Lord, “He says: “The next 40 days, I will begin to move with you in new ways, I’ll begin to show you how the enemy has attempted to hold you captive.  But, I will say to you, you will start seeing in the nation and reading it in the paper what I say, starting in the morning, transitions that you’ve been pressing towards, things will now begin to accelerate saith the Lord.”

For David and Karl (and Scotland) (55 mins on-wards):

“You’ll begin this year, to turn things upside down in this land.   For I have a new generation that will turn things upside down, that I am rising up for this season.   And I say, because of that, I will set things in My order, and what get’s turned upside down will begin to blaze across this land.   I and say, get ready son, for you will go and be a voice that will begin to loose the voices of my spirit that are held captive throughout this entire nation.

The Lord said, I sent you over here because this land, you had fire in your heart, and it was this land where the fire was in the United Kingdom. And I say to you, you will begin to create those that are filled with fire in this land.


And I say to you that the move of the United Kingdom is now at hand, and it will come by Ireland moving from South to North and joining hands, and it will come by Scotland singing the song of Heaven and letting it open up the land.  I say to you, the land of Scotland will rejoice again, and the world will hear that there is fire in this land again.

Woah, Woah.   I and say, Wales will begin to submit to pray in new ways, and then you will surround that Queen land that has so grown cold, and many will melt under the movement that is coming from the satellites in, and around.

So, I say, wear what I am bringing, go forth with what I am bringing, retreat when I tell you to retreat, for churches throughout this entire land, now are beginning to make their transition.  And, you will be worshiping in key churches in every city throughout this land.  I say to you will give an opportunity for many Muslims to come to know Me…

The Lord says to you, the Franks, this is a time you have asked for, prayed for, and your children have longed for.   And, now that which was desolate, you will help gather that which will proposer my Spirit in this land.

Get ready, a new move, a transition has ended, and the new move has been recognised in Heaven.  Let the move of God begin in all of Scotland.   Let’s give a shout.

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