A word for Wick, Scotland, by Mike McClung,


By Mike McClung Pastor, Lionheart Fellowship Maryville, TN Email: mmcclung@esper.com

14th July 1999,

My wife, daughter and I just returned from a two-week tour of Scotland.  We had been wanting to go for quite awhile, as it is the land of part of my ancestry. Scotland is a nation whose history is full of God.  The people are very pleasant and accommodating, the scenery breathtaking, and the presence of God, in places, very strong. We were able to tour the whole country, including the northern highlands, the Orkney Islands, the inner Hebrides, and Iona.  To make a long story longer, my primary purpose in sending this is to relate something I believe the Lord spoke to me upon our arrival in Wick.

When we reached the main part of the city where our hotel was located, the Spirit came upon me and related the following to me.  He said, “Son, this city is aptly named (Wick), because I am going to use it to start a fire in Scotland that will spread over the whole country.”  It was one of those times when the voice of the Lord just “rings” throughout your whole being. Just about the entire time we were in Wick, there was a very strong burden of intercession on my wife and I.  We did not get to spend anytime in the city itself as our tour was there for one day and most of that was spent travelling to the Orkneys.  I wanted to try to find someone to speak with to determine if what I was perceiving was correct, but I did not have time. I humbly submit this to the elders and leaders of Scotland to judge and trust it to either bear witness or dismiss it!

Grace & peace.

2 thoughts on “A word for Wick, Scotland, by Mike McClung,

  1. Yes, very recently–within the past month–the Lord showed me that Scotland is going to burst into flames of the Holy Spirit! I saw that Great Britain is like a candle, Scotland being the wick. Sincere repentance will be as a match that will light the wick. Scotland will lead the way for England, in repentance and Holy Spirit outpouring. After I had received the word and the vision, I felt compelled to see whether there is a town by the name of Wick in Scotland. As you know, there is, and I wondered whether the flames would begin in that town!

    J Kuehne 10/31/2015


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