Word for Scotland, by Lars-Toralf Storstrand

Through Lars-Toralf Storstrand, Norway xlts@online.no Tue, 23 Nov 1999

Hear me, says the L-rd G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The darkness has been great in your midst, but light is about to start shining. I have placed my prophets among you, and the fires will soon be lighted again. Where the darkness has been great – a greater light will shine – and conquer.

This time, however, it will not be bonfires meant to praise the god of death on Beltane. This fire will be a purifying fire – a fire from on high, to cleanse out the gold that I have in Scotland.


My task is to burn away the slag in your midst and in your lives. Who may climb my holy mountain, is the question of many men. And my answer is:

“Those who have a pure heart and holy hands. In these days I am cleaning hearts and hallowing hands. Lift up your heads O gates of Scotland – the king Eternal wishes to enter into your realm. The Aird Righ of Heaven wants to shed eternal light on the highlands and the firth.

Open the ancient porths of your Duns and Caers.

Shout loudly and in praise over the victory – for the victory and the revenge belongs to me.

Yet once again will I shake the world. And the nations that have been held captive below the hands of the mighty forces of the ancient dragon – will be released. Look yonder and see that the light will flow like a tidal wave – flooding all glens and vales til everything is 15 feet below.


To my servants I say: You have asked me for yet another time of grace for Scotland. This is a prayer pleasureable for me to accept. Once again I will heed the prayers of my warriors, my intercessors and my prophets and I will send new life, new joy and new power to you.


When I say that I will shake the earth, be not shaken with it. Stand firm as the mountains of ancient times – and people will flock to you to ask the truth – and the truth will be proclaimed by those who are standing tall. The truth will ring from the steeples of faith. And the glad tidings shall sprout like a tree with many branches over the nation.

In Y’shua Lars-Toralf Storstrand Lars-Toralfs Homepage? http://home.sol.no/~xlts/

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