Joshua Tongol, Challenging Sacred Cows #3

Greetings Beloved,

In this excellent video, Josh challenges the BIG lie that sin separates you from our Father

This is a REAL big one in the church, that ship-wrecks the faith of many.  It is a lie that is based in greek thinking, and philosphical dualism.  Most of the time Christians – so lost in their bondage to man-made religion – will refuse to believe this truth.

In our day, Beloved, the church has become just like Egypt unfortunately – it is a system purposely designed to keep the masses in bondage.

Grace and Peace to you, and blessings as you journey onwards and deeper in your revelation of Father.


2 thoughts on “Joshua Tongol, Challenging Sacred Cows #3

  1. Good word. I wrote about this popular mythology last Spring. We’ve portrayed the gospel like God is hiding somewhere out in space, or something like that, until we let Him in. That’s absurd when you really think about it. We do need to exercise faith to benefit from what Christ has done, but only in order to enter into a relationship with the One who already reconciled us. Love requires a free will response. He has already done it all. We consent to His working in our lives. Everything in the Kingdom comes by receiving. He love Him because He FIRST loved us. It’s pretty clear when you get the right “glasses” on. Blessings.


  2. Yea, Mel, I couldn’t have put it as well as you have said above.

    What you’ve said is really concise, and plain and straight-forward. I’ve been listening to Josh for a couple of years now, pondering a lot of what he says. I think he’s bang on when it comes to the Atonement, the Cross, and Penal Subsitutionary Theory.

    The problem i have at this end, is that if i shared this with people I know, they’d lynch me. J.


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