John Crowder, Left Behind

Greetings Beloved,

John Crowder debunking the rapture theory.

Really good fun & worth a watch.

“If people begin to start vanishing before your eyes, it’s because someone’s slipped acid into your drink!”



2 thoughts on “John Crowder, Left Behind

  1. Yea, Mel. I think he’s moved on a lot since the old tokin’ the ghost days’. I never really got that, I’m afraid.

    Anyway, his teaching on grace is excellent, infact I’d go as far as saying that he’s probably preaching the true Pauline gospel more so than anyone I know.

    His vlog called The Jesus Trip is excellent. I remember seeing him in Wales about 10 years ago with Todd Bentley – before he had his own ministry etc. He’s a pretty clever guy tbh. I like how he appears to be pretty normal too. His teaching on Hyper Grace is awesome, and so is the one called Answering the Critics.



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