Money, Sex, Booze, God

John Crowder tears down gnosticism, poo-poo’s religion, and promotes joy.  “Jesus turned water into wine 2000 years ago, and the church has been trying to turn it back ever since!”

In this video, John gives a quick teaching, explaining the premise behind his new book release, “Money. Sex. Beer. God.” which tackles the most scandalous topics your pastor never wants to discuss in one volume!

There have been centuries of confusion over the role of the physical world pleasures of cash, booze and nookie. From the early church onward, Greek mindsets divorced our spirituality from our natural lives. Experience a whole, healthy existence as you dive into this biblical guide for the happy life.

One thought on “Money, Sex, Booze, God

  1. He quotes one of my favorite Graham Cook-isms… “turning wine into water…”
    Ought to be an interesting book. I’m sure it will be greatly misunderstood by a lot of American Christians. 🙂


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