Trump: God’s chaos candidate, by Lance Wallnau

As America heads into its key presidential election in the next 2 weeks, Dr. Lance Wallnau leads an important seminar discussing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

The American Church – like the UK church – is by and large sleeping in my perspective.

How long will they be like the people of Elijah’s day, who cannot make a choice?

How long will they sit on the fence?

How long will they run neither not or cold?

How long will they chose to see people after the flesh, and not the Spirit?

How long will they choose to remain insular – “separate” from the “world” – as opposed to engaging culture, and discipling nations?

Is Trump a Cyrus, a Pharoah that needs fathered, or just a lunatic with a bit too much Scottish blood in his veins?

Let Dr. Lance help you decide and engage in the outcome.

Wisdom is justified by all her children.



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