Trump and the US election, Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau on the Jim Bakker Show – Trump and America’s Fourth Crucible (Day 2)

Even if Trump doesn’t win the election – which I hope he does but slightly think he won’t – I think that he’s done enough to shake up the system, and expose the underlying problems in America.

But Trump is more importantly highlighting the division and insanity in God’s people, which needs to be resolved.

He is exposing the religious and self-righteous spirit amongst many of Father’s people, and those who are threatened by someone who threatens the religious, money, social, and political systems that they themselves are entangled in.

These are blind followers, being led by blind guides – who think that Father is going to put Joel Olsteen in office.  This is the same kind of erroneous thinking that the disciples had, when they felt that Jesus should open up a can of Rambo on the Romans.

Get wisdom!  Come out of all the systems, beloved.  All of them, especially the pious religious system.  It is my belief that Father is pronouncing the death of Christianity in these days’.

My word to the church at large is that, ready or not, they now need to GROW UP!

And, PLEASE go out and vote all my faithful American followers…

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