Word for 2017, by John Crowder

Return to Proclamation …

In this “Word of the Year,” John Crowder offers not mere “future-telling,” of predicted upcoming events.  Rather, he shares a message that is timely for the church, which he feels the Lord is impressing at this hour.

There is a pressured assault more than ever to conform the church to a politico-social organism, with millions of voices on social media deriding the church as a “failure” at its mission when it neglects to react to different sides of justice issues or more fully plunge into cultural dynamics.

But are these the church’s main function? In this video, John clarifies that proclamation of the Gospel – the Word of God – will always be the church’s chief purpose. And only in a return to this – not a socio-economic/political movement – will we even make any cultural difference at all.



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