Trump: Messiah or Anti-Christ?

Crowder is back with the Dirt Squirrel & playing the dancing hand of the oracle.

We woke up and the world was full of zealots devouring each other.  This week, John Crowder risks stepping into fifteen cans of worms simultaneously – covering refugees, Muslim bans, immigration, Donald Trump, Alex Jones and progressive Christians … while even offering an important prophetic word on things to come.

How often do we make grand generalisations, typecasting the “other side” by their most extreme caricature, rather than having meaningful dialogue?

Furthermore, how often do we assume that “our side” of any hot-button political or religious issue has the true moral high ground, while everyone else is a deluded antichrist? This week John opens both barrels and a canon on the sacred cow of Self-Righteousness.

Well done, John.

Awesome post.


Team Agape


One thought on “Trump: Messiah or Anti-Christ?

  1. We’re tracking today. I posted the same video. 🙂 I agree. It is a very good video that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject. Definitely worth the watch.


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