Trump: Messiah or Anti-Christ?

Crowder is back with the Dirt Squirrel & playing the dancing hand of the oracle. We woke up and the world was full of zealots devouring each other.  This week, John Crowder risks stepping into fifteen cans of worms simultaneously – covering refugees, Muslim bans, immigration, Donald Trump, Alex Jones and progressive Christians … while […]

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Word for 2017, by John Crowder

Return to Proclamation … In this “Word of the Year,” John Crowder offers not mere “future-telling,” of predicted upcoming events.  Rather, he shares a message that is timely for the church, which he feels the Lord is impressing at this hour. There is a pressured assault more than ever to conform the church to a […]

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Communion, Josh Tongol

An awesome post by Josh Tongol out-lining what’s really going on with communion and ‘searching your heart [for sin].’ This clears up the matter completely – and allows you to move forward with confidence in your Father and the finished work of the Cross. I bet it’s not what you think….or have been taught (wrongly.) […]

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Hidden by United Pursuit

Another great song by United Pursuit….Hidden by Will Reagan from their album called Simple Gospel. There was One when I was young Who knew my heart, He knew my sorrow He held my hand And He led me to trust Him   Now I am hidden, in the safety of Your love I trust Your […]

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United Pursuit, Let it happen

One of my favourite songs at the moment by United Pursuit.  The words are excellent. You’re full of life now You’re full of passion That’s how He made you Just let it happen And He calls each one of us by our names to come away And He whispers to your heart To let it […]

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